National FFA

Official NFFA CDE Rules for 2017-2021 

   NOTE: Several events have changed how many contestant scores make up the team score.
These changes are detailed here.
 Listed below are revisions that will specifically impact the scansheets and scoring procedures for events.
Please review each event's actual rules document, as there are changes that are not documented below. 

Ag Technology and Mechanical Systems (NFFA rules for ATMS)    
All 4 contestants' scores will be counted towards the total team score.
Formats for some of the Team Activity rubrics have been adjusted. 
Agronomy (NFFA Rules for Agronomy)    
Diagnostic Clinic section has been replaced with a section for Agronomy Issues.
Please reference the National rules for more information.
Dairy Cattle (NFFA Rules for Dairy Cattle)    
Revisions that impact the scansheet design have not been found.
Please review the official revised rules for more details on other changes. 
ENR (NFFA Rules for ENR)
Writing Exercise section has been replaced with a section for Data Interpretation.
Farm and Agribusiness Management (NFFA Rules)    
The event's name has slightly changed from Farm Business Management to Farm and Agribusiness Management. 
All 4 contestant's scores will be counted towards the total team score.
Floriculture (NFFA Floriculture Rules)    
General Knowledge Exam is still 50 questions, but is worth only 200 points now instead of 250
50 IDs are done now instead of 40.  Section is still worth 200 points total.
Selling Practicum has been replaced by Growing Procedures as an Annual Practicum.
Team Activity is worth 800 points total now instead of 1000. 
Food Science and Technology (NFFA Food Science Rules)    
4 Triangle Tests will be done now instead of just 3.
Flavor Identification section has been removed.
Objective Test of 50 questions is worth 3 points per question now instead of just 2 points. 
A new individual section for Problem Solving/Math Practicum has been added. 5 questions at 5 points each.
A new individual section for Product Specification Compliance has been added.  5 questions at 5 points each.
Aroma List has changed.  Apple, Coffee, Peach, Sage, and Watermelon have been added.  Pine, Menthol, and Lilac have been removed.
Food Safety & Sanitation is a Team Activity now.
Forestry (NFFA Forestry Rules)     
Forestry Issues Interview section has been removed as an individual activity and added as a team activity presentation.    
Horse (NFFA Horse Rules)     
All 4 contestants' scores will be counted towards the total team score.
The ID section is now 25 questions at 2 points each instead of 20 questions at 2 points each. 
Livestock (NFFA Livestock Rules)     
Marketing Team Activity is worth 150 points now instead of 100.
Breeding Genetics Team Activity is worth 150 points now instead of 100.
Team Process Team Activity has been added for 20 points.
Meat Evaluation and Technology (NFFA Meat Rules)     
ONLY 3 contestants will judge and all 3 contestant's scores will count towards the team score total
4 to 8 possible placing classes now instead of 4 to 6
Retail ID points have changed to 1pt Species, 2pt. Primal, 1pt. Cookery, and 3pt. ID for a total of 210 points.
Meat Formulation is no longer an Individual activity.
Quality & Yield Grading is now 2 to 4 carcasses at 20 points per carcass.
    - Quality Grading is now 10, 8, 5, and 0 points
    - Yield Grading is now 10, 8, 5, and 0 points
Team Activity is 4 sections at 50 points each plus a 20 point Team Process section for a total of 220 points. 
Milk Quality & Products (NFFA MQ&P Rules)     
Milk Flavor is now worth 120 total points instead of 110.  Each sample is now worth 12 points instead of 11.
CMT is now only 5 samples instead of 8.  Thus the section is 40 points instead of 64.
Cheese ID and Cheese Characteristics will be 10 Cheeses now instead of 5.  Each correct cheese is worth 4 points now instead of 3.
     Cheese Characteristics now only has 6 characteristics instead of 7.  Gas Holes has been removed.
Fat Content will be 10 samples instead of 5.  Format has changed to add in ID of Dairy/Non Dairy samples.
     6 points for ID and 4 points per Fat Content.
Cheese List has changed from 13 options to 20:
     Added:  Colby, Feta, Gouda, Guyere, Queso Fresco, Munster, Ricotta, Romano, Havarti, Sharp Cheddar, and Mild Cheddar.
     Removed: Brick, Edam, Neufchatel, Cheddar
Nursery/Landscape (NFFA N/L Rules)    
All 4 contestants' scores will be counted toward the total team score now.
Team Skills Challenge Team Activity is worth 400 points now instead of 100.
Poultry Evaluation (NFFA Poultry Rules)    
All 4 contestants' scores will be counted toward the total team score now.
Class 8 Exterior Quality Shell Eggs has been reduced from 15 eggs to 10.
Written Exam section is worth 100 points now instead of 150.
Mixed Products classification has been removed on the both Further Processed sections.
Team Activity is worth 250 total points now instead of 200 points.
Veterinary Science (NFFA Vet Science Rules)    
The Four Handling Practicums are now 30 points each instead of 25 points each.  Thus the section is 120 total instead of 100.
The Four Clinical Procedure Practicums are 50 points each now instead of 25 points. Thus the section is 200 total instead of 100.
A Current Events section has been added (100 points total) in place of the old Scenario Questions section.
The Team Activity is now worth 500 points instead of 600 points total. 


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