Texas FFA
 2017-2021 Texas FFA CDE Scansheet & Scoring Updates
As updates to the scoring procedures and scansheets are determined for CDEs, they will be detailed below.  For questions or concerns, please email 

 Current Scansheets 
   Updated Official Rules for 2017-2021
An improved scansheet design has been approved by the event host and will be used starting in 2017.      
Dairy Cattle     
Linear Evaluation will no longer be done.  Instead, a class of Herd Record has been added.
The same scansheet will be used as before.
A new scansheet that fits every section is being drafted.    
Due to the added Exam section, the current Entomology scansheet will no longer be used.  The alpha order of the Insects has been adjusted to correct two that were out of order (Sweet Potatoe Weevil and Book Louse"). 
Three placing classes will now be done instead of six: One class of blooming container plants, one class of foliage container plants, and one class of floral designs.
Three Keep/Cull classes have been added:  One class of cut line flowers, one class of cut form flowers, and one class of cut mass flowers. 
The Universal C scansheet will still be utilized.
Food Science      
A 4th Triangle Test has been added.  
Aroma list has been updated to be a two digit ID format to allow for more flexibility.
A new Problem Solving/Math Practicum section has been added.
The back side of the sheet now offers a Team Product Development Scorecard.
A revised scansheet will be required. 
Four Hay placing classes will be done instead of six.
A new Hay Scoring section has been added.
The Universal C scansheet will no longer be used.  
Forestry/Woodland Clinic 
Question 7 for Site Index and Productivity will have updated point values.  7 points for the correct index, 5 points for five indices either way, and 2 points for more than five indices away.  The Productivity Rating has also been removed from Question 7.
Question 13 for Compass and Pacing will be updated to new scoring procedures.
A revised scansheet will be required. 
Feeder Cattle Grading has been added to the contest. Five head will be judged for a total of 50 points possible.
The normal blue 476-3 Livestock scansheet will still be used.
Country Style Ribs will be considered "Various" for the Primal on Retail Cut ID section per National change.
No change to scansheet.  The current 480-4 Meat sheet will still be used. 
Milk Quality & Products 
The new scansheet will be used starting Spring 2017.
A 4th Keep/Cull class has been added. 
Problem Solving section is now only 10 questions instead of 15.
Universal C scansheet will still be used.
Shell Eggs section has been reduced to 10 eggs instead of 15.
Mixed Products classification has been removed on the both Further Processed sections, per National change.
A revised scansheet is required.  
Due to the addition of two new plants, the Range scansheet will be updated.  The two new plants are Old World Bluestem and Slender Dales.
Due to the adjusted scoring for the Grading section, a new scansheet will be used.  Specifically the Fineness methods have been changed from Blood Grades to Spinning Counts.  The Reasons section is now called "Questions".  Yield Grading now requires specifying the actual two-digit numerical value for the Yield.
Plant lists have been updated.
A revised scansheet will be required.