2017 State CDE Scansheet Revisions

Official NFFA CDE Rules for 2017-2021 
Summary of NFFA CDE Updates

   Current 2017-2021 Judgingcard Scansheets     
   NOTE: Events that are not listed do not have revisions as of yet that will require updated scansheets  
  Please review the new scansheet for 2017 in the link above.  
A new draft is being prepared.  
Entomology - TX Only    
A new section has been added to the scansheet for a 30 question multiple choice exam.     
Food Science and Technology     
4 Triangle Tests will be done now instead of just 3.
Flavor Identification section has been removed.
A new individual section for Problem Solving/Math Practicum has been added. 5 questions at 5 points each.
A new individual section for Product Specification Compliance has been added.  5 questions at 5 points each.
Aroma List has changed to an ID type format to allow for flexibility.
Milk Quality & Products     
CMT is now only 5 samples instead of 8.  
Cheese ID and Cheese Characteristics will be 10 Cheeses now instead of 5.  
     Cheese Characteristics now only has 6 characteristics instead of 7. 
Fat Content will be 10 samples instead of 5.  Format has changed to add in ID of Dairy/Non Dairy samples.
Cheese List has changed from 13 options to 20:
     Added:  Colby, Feta, Gouda, Guyere, Queso Fresco, Munster, Ricotta, Romano, Havarti, Sharp Cheddar, and Mild Cheddar.
     Removed: Brick, Edam, Neufchatel, Cheddar
Exterior Quality Shell Eggs has been reduced from 15 eggs to 10.
Mixed Products classification has been removed on the both Further Processed sections.
Wool - TX/NM Only    
Fineness methods have been changed from Blood Grades to Spinning Counts.  
The Reasons section is now called "Questions".  
Yield Grading now requires specifying the actual two-digit numerical value for the Yield.