Don't have access to a Scantron scanner or want to host a virtual contest? e-Scansheets offer a paperless solution!

Contestants access their scansheet for the contest on a mobile device or computer and then simply submit it. Sheets show up in the online JudgingCard scoring system just like they were scanned.



Use Cases

  • Completely Virtual Contest - share class content in digital format and the e-sheet with contestants
  • In-person Contest - contestants bring tablets or phones to go through the contest
  • Virtual division of Live Contest - stream classes to contestants competing from afar 

Cost - $1/Contestant, billed after the contest

Example e-Sheets - All scansheet we offer on paper are available in an electronic format: (link to examples)

How to host content for a completely virtual contest

An event host can choose whatever platform and format they feel works best to host the content. The content and e-sheet link are simply shared with the contestants to start the contest. Then the contestants toggle between a tab/window with the e-sheet and another with the content.

Examples include:

  • Zoom-style video call with the content shared live
  • Google Slides document 
  • YouTube video(s)
  • PDF or Word document

Additional Options

  • Set a time window when the sheet is accessible
  • See timestamps when each contestant accesses and submits their e-sheet
  • Add in scores from team activities and reasons judged separatly 
  • Allow chapter coaches to monitor submissions from their chapter